Who is Branwell Brontë?

Cover to the book Who is Branwell Brontë?The story of Branwell Brontë has been plagued by mistruths and misconceptions for decades. This incredible new volume seeks to set the record straight, including:

The Life of Branwell Brontë

A short biography of Branwell, stripped of fictions and mistruths; this is the true life of Branwell Brontë!

Who is Alexander Percy?

Why did Branwell publish his poetry under another name, and did he really have an affair with Lydia Robinson?

The Poetry of Branwell Brontë

Was Branwell an atheist? Did he have an illegitimate child? And was his poetry any good?

Did Branwell Write Wuthering Heights?

Did Emily pass off her brother’s novel as her own? Or was Branwell incapable of writing Wuthering Heights?

The Works of Branwell Brontë

Read Branwell’s poetry and the remaining fragment of his novel, ‘and the weary are at rest’.

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